Plainfield Art League

Website image... specifications

Every member should be represented in the members only free gallery.  Please send the webmaster an image of your favorite piece of art you've created.  This page contains the specifications for that image and additional information.

Gallery images

There are two images used in the members gallery:

The thumbnail image - 165px max by 165px max. Please make one side exactly 165px.

Larger image: 800px max by 800px max. Please make one side up to 800px maximum.

Artist Name

Media and/or very short description


The Slice image

At the top of every page, including this page, is a part of an image to the right of the Plainfield Art League logo.  This is the slice of an image.  It changes every time the web page is refreshed, max every one second.  Try it, just hit F5 and see the slice change to the next artist.  This slice image is 113px by 540px, both exactly.  It can be any part of your image that you think looks good as a slice at the top of our website.


Additional Information

All images must be jpeg's, and in the sRGB color space. The pixel size takes care of resolution. If you need help sizing, send me you image and let me know, I can do the sizing for this page.


All point and shoot camera's shoot jpegs in the sRGB color space by default. Contact me if you need additional information on this subject.

Mike Bessler
tele: 630-667-5174